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Beer factory drinking session and social for anyone who wants to meet me. We could go on to the Italian Cafe afterwards. Just a casual meeting for a social. I'm in Brussels on 30th for an open rehearsal and wondered if some people would like to meet up the night before or possibly for breakfast on 30th. Check out my homepage on . I am in the business of pro-European political activism. Musical Composition and singing and translation. I also ran my own English Language Teaching business in Germany from 2001-2007. Just looking for some new friends to socialise with and meet up with in Brussels when I am around. I travel extensively throughout Western Europe. Over the last 6 months I have been to Maastricht, Rotterdam Next Classical Conference, the opening concert of the Leipzig Bachfest 2018, the Stand Up for Europe Munich conference 2017, 3 Stand Up meetings in Brussels including the infamous date of the split on April 28th which was a sad day for us all. Since which time I have tried to remain sympathetic to both sides. I'm still in two minds as to what to do if I have to make a 100% decision. They haven't made me yet and I'm keeping it really quiet. I feel Alliance have the momentum but I like Luca and Balint and Helene and wanted to remain friends without destroying my relationship with people like Stefaan, Alex, Thomas, the two Anitas, and Alessandro. I was really quite friendly with Alessandro. I don't want to leave either group but might have to go with Alliance because they can get me my passport. They just seem to have the momentum and the chance of Helene and I being sweethearts has passed now. I might just have to look after my own interests and I don't want to. If Alliance come down on my head for being a Stand Up member I might have to say yes to leaving as it is imperative to stay in that group that wants to form the first pan-European party in the EU government. If anyone is in Brussels Choral Society maybe they might want to meet me before the open rehearsal as well and we can discuss my performance career which is depicted on my website as well under the music tab. Please note my homepage is not complete yet. It's a work in progress.


August 29, 2018 at 7pm - 10pm


The Beer Factory
Place du Luxembourg 6
Brussels, European Quarter 01050
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Hugh Waldock ·

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